SCC Player Sponsor program 2015/16

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SCC Player Sponsor program 2015/16 

Individuals, family members and small businesses can sponsor individual players within the club for one season. The feature of this package will reduce the player’s membership subscription by $100 and will include the following to sponsors:

  • A photo of “your” player with your details on the club website and in social media
  • Details displayed as “Player Sponsor” on club website and on sponsors page including link to your business website
  • Marketing material being available to members within the club
  • Invitation to major draw event (details to be provided)
  • Promoted patronage to members of the club
  • Cost of package $150

So go out and see your boss, your parents, your local store that you frequent and hand them a flyer, it’s that easy.

Download a flyer here: Player Sponsorship 2015/16


Father and son century makers Brendan and Nathan Doyle

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