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Sunbury Cricket Club History 

 The Sunbury Cricket Club has a long and proud history traceable back to the 1860’s and has been competing in the Gisborne District Cricket Association since the 1923/24 season.

Currently there is research being undertaken into the clubs colourful history. Below is a breif timeline of important events in the clubs early years which will be updated as information comes to hand. The MCC and local Historical Societies have been contacted to assist in our search for records and photos.

* Is the Sunbury Cricket Club the oldest continous sporting club in the Sunbury area?

* The connection between the Sunbury Cricket Club and Sir W. J. Clarke is undeniable. Were SCC cricketers involved in that famous cricket match with the touring English cricket team during the christmas of 1882 at Rupertswood?

We are beginning to believe these are highly likely. If you have anything that may contribute please contact Marty K. through Sunbury Cricket Club email .

SCC Timeline 

Click here for SCC 150 Celebration document

24/10/1868 – “The Cricket Club which has been recently organised at Sunbury appeared in their first match on the 24th of last October, when they tried conclusions with the Riddell’s Creek Club, the latter place being selected as the scene of operations. Long scoring was the principal feature of that, day’s performances, which resulted in a draw, the shades of evening putting an end to the friendly contest.  On that occasion the Sunbury and Diggers’ Rest Club scored in both innings 299.” (The Bacchus Marsh Express, Saturday 21 November 1868)

27/2/1869 – “A team from South Melbourne will visit Sunbury, to play against twenty-two of the Sunbury and Riddell’s Creek Cricket Clubs”                                              (The Argus (Melbourne), Saturday 27 February 1869)

17/4/1869 – “SUNBURY v, CAMPBELLFIELD, On the 3rd inst. a well contested match was played between the Sunbury and Campbellfield Cricket Clubs on the ground of the former, which resulted in favour of the local team by nine runs.  ( The Bacchus Marsh Express (Vic. : 1866 – 1918), Saturday 17 April 1869)

23/11/1869 – “ The committee of the B U.C.C. met last evening, passed several account, and instructed the secretary to communicate with Heathcote, Daylesford, Sunbury, and Kyneton, with the view of arranging for matches.” (Bendigo Advertiser (Vic. : 1855 – 1918), Tuesday 23 November 1869)

12/2/1870 – A letter from Kyneton was received accepting the 13th January for a match at Kyneton, and another letter – from Sunburv was received stating that they were willing to meet the B.U.C.C at an early date.  (Bendigo Advertiser, Saturday 12 February 1870)

24/12/1870 – “A cricket match between an 11 of tho Commercial and l8 of the Sunbury Cricket Club will bo played to-day on the Commercial ground, to commence at 12 o’clock sharp” (The Argus Saturday 24 December 1870)

7/4/1876 – An eleven of the M.C.C. visited Sunbury yesterday, on the invitation of Mr. W. J. Clarke, to play a cricket match against l8 of the Sunbury Cricket Club. (The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 – 1957), Friday 7 April 1876)

28/12/1895 – OPENING OF THE PAVILION. A large number of cricketers and others assembled on the Sunbury Recreation Reserve last Saturday (21/12/1895) to witness the opening ceremony in connection with the pavilion erected by the Sunbury Cricket Club and just completed.(Sunbury News and Bulla and Melton Advertiser Saturday 28 December 1895)

Pavillion 1

Sunbury Cricket Club on the steps of the Pavillion
Sunbury Recreation Reserve c.1895

16/11/1901 – “The Sunbury cricketers played their first match on the new wicket in the Evans-street reserve on Monday last” (Sunbury News, Saturday 16 November 1901)

1923:  Annual Meeting of Gisborne District Cricket Association – Delegates were present from Lancefield, Romsey, Lancefield Junction, Riddell, Sunbury, Macedon, Kyneton, and Gisborne clubs. Woodend notified that they wouldn’t be competing this year. Sunbury were admitted in their place. (The Gisborne Gazette, Friday 5th October 1923)

1952/53:  AGM – G.D.C.A. Clubs present – Gisborne, Riddell, Sunbury, Macedon, Romsey, Clarkefield, Lancefield and Woodend. On the motion of Mr Ingleton (Romsey) seconded by Mr Ayres (Clarkefield), it was agreed to admit Woodend club to the Association. Mr Sleeman (Sunbury) moved that 2 day matches be played this season – a full round and extra 3 matches which will be drawn for. Mr Taylor (Sunbury) moved that bowling creases be marked with white lines.
With Sunbury now having a turf pitch rule 9 was altered to read: That matches be played on matting or turf wickets. A team was entered in Bendigo Country week only with the selectors to be L. Goodear, G. Sleeman and B. Fitzgerald.
Sunbury reached the final for the first time and went on to win the premiership. (The Gisborne Gazette, Friday 3rd October 1952)

1954/55: Sunbury Colts apply for affiliation but application was too late under rule 14. Romsey C.C. move that each team be provided with a new ball at 200 runs in all games and the semi-finals be changed from two days to three. The motion was lost. Season to commence on 2nd October with breaks at Christmas and New Year’s Day.
A Social Lecture Night is to be held at Gisborne on a date to be fixed for Mr. Ingleton (Romsey) to lecture players on umpiring and the General Rules of Cricket.
Mr. Brocchi spoke of Mr. Goodear and the great work he had done for the GDCA for many years and Delegates from all clubs present also spoke of him in a generous manner. He was then given the highest honour of being granted life membership of the GDCA. Mr. Sleeman donated the President’s Cup for season 1954/55. Team entered in Bendigo C.W.
Sunbury premiers.

1969/70: Semi-finals to be played over two days with the final to be played right out. Sunbury to be allowed to enter three teams for the season. Application from Wallan to enter the GDCA was granted. Presentation Night to be held at Gisborne Golf Club. In round four of competition, Romsey’s Doug McIntyre takes all ten Riddell first innings wickets finishing with the figures of 10 for 21 off 11.2 overs. On the same day, Lancefield’s Miles Johnstone takes 9 for 33 against Wallan, six of his victims bowled.
Sunbury premiers.

1972/73: New B Grade formed with promotion and relegation to exist between A and B Grade. Season to consist of nine two-day matches and three one-day matches. Club umpires to wear dust coats when umpiring. J. Forbes (Sunbury CC) and D. McIntyre to be awarded Life-Membership of the GDCA. Special dispensation was given to Sunbury to change venues if there was insufficient time to prepare their turf wicket. Throughout the 1960’s and 70’s, visiting teams often found if they were batting on the second day, quite often the sprinklers had been left on overnight (accidentally of course) or the lead for the roller had been mysteriously cut.

1973/74: Bulla Village CC and Sunbury Centrals CC (later to be Sunbury United) join the Association with Centrals playing home matches at the Evan’s Street Oval in Sunbury.

1977/78: Clubs start looking at synthetic pitch surfaces to replace the three different surfaces currently used in the competition. Sunbury, Bulla and Craigieburn play on turf. Wallan, Romsey, Lancefield, Macedon, Sunbury Centrals (United) and Woodend have malthoid pitches whilst Riddell, Gisborne and Bacchus Marsh play on matting. Sunbury Centrals transfer to Langama Park after being relegated from A grade. Association to write to the Australian Cricket Control Board expressing support for their stand in the present Packer controversy.

1978/79: Six ball overs were introduced as per V.C.A. Rules. One-day matches were still 240 balls an innings but were now 40 six ball overs. A new ball could be taken after 80 overs in any one innings. All A Grade teams had to field an Under 16 team for 1978/79.

1982/83: Centrals C.C. changes its name to Sunbury United C.C. and adopt the gold and black colours. Matches were cancelled on Saturday 19th February due to the bushfires that swept through the area last week.
GDCA Secretary Keith Wrest (Sunbury CC) lost his home in the fires and all records and minute books of the Association for the past three years were destroyed.

1986/87: Sunbury premiers.

1992/93: Sunbury premiers.

 September 2013: “The Sunbury Cricket Club (SCC) is very pleased to announce it will be based at the Sunbury Bowling Club (SBC) as of season 2013/14. Over the past few months negotiations between the two clubs has resulted in a new 5 year agreement. There were several discussions between the executives of the two bodies with many points discussed including patronage and support, the logistics of game day at the Clarke Oval and the use of storage and facilities. SCC recognises as part of this agreement that it has the responsibility to promote the SBC through its membership by hosting major functions at SBC’s impressive facilities.” (SCC Offical Announcement)


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