Statistics Site

Match results and player figures entered in the Sunbury Cricket Club Statistics database were taken from scorebooks kept by the club over many years going back as far as 1969.

Overtime a number of scorebooks have gone missing, been misplaced or unintentionally kept by members. The return of any scorebooks or related information to assist us in completing the database for the enjoyment of all current and past players would be very much appreciated.

If you can help in the search for these important club records please contact Shayne, Marty or the club.

Missing scorebooks:

 1970/71 1st XI
 1971/72 3rd XI
 1972/73 4th XI
 1976/77 1st XI
 1981/82 3rd + 4th XI
 1983/84 2nd XI
 1987/88 3rd XI
 1989/90 2nd XI Prem
 1990/91 1st XI
 1996/97 1st, 3rd + 4th XI
 1999/00 4th XI
 2001/02 4th XI
 2002/03 5th XI
 2003/04 4th + 5th XI
 2004/05 5th XI
 2008/09 1st, 2nd, 3rd + 4th XI

Click on the picture  of Clarke Oval above to open the statistics website

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