Statistical Database project

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Statistical Database project

Summary score sheet at rear of score books data entry program. We will be able to extract reports from the database involving both personal and club records and upload this information onto this website for all to see.

Most data from 1969 onwards is currently available except for some missing books. If you can help in the search for these important club records please contact Marty or the club.

Missing scorebooks incl:

 1970/71 1st XI
 1971/72 3rd XI
 1972/73 4th XI
 1976/77 1st XI
 1981/82 3rd + 4th XI
 1983/84 2nd XI
 1987/88 3rd XI
 1989/90 2nd XI Prem
 1990/91 1st XI
 1996/97 1st, 3rd + 4th XI
 1999/00 4th XI
 2001/02 4th XI
 2002/03 5th XI
 2003/04 4th + 5th XI
 2004/05 5th XI
 2008/09 1st, 2nd, 3rd + 4th XI


If your interested in seeing our database please click on the link: Sunbury Cricket Club Statistical Database

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