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Training and practice match

Hi All,

Well we have gotten off to a great start with plenty of numbers at training but hey we can always do with more. So get the word out that we have started training on Tuesdays and Thursdays kicking of at 5 o’clock. Make sure you get down and introduce yourself to Jason Elliott if you don’t already know him. It has been great to see some new drills and exercises at training, plus some of the tricks that Paddy Tyler has picked up playing overseas during the winter. Great work fellas.

Also under 16’s training starts on Wednesday 21st of September at 4:30 so all the future test stars around town make sure you are there.

Now the seniors are having a practice match against the Camerae Tipans in Thomastown on Sunday 25th of September so if you want a hit before the season commences this is an excellent opportunity but you’ll need to get down to training next Tuesday to find out the details. We will be taking approx 15 players across and will be rotating players throughout the day based on their specialty.

Look forward to seeing around the club soon,


Junior Registration Day

Here we go again Mum’s & Dad’s, its time to fill in those lazy summer mornings by supporting your kids in junior cricket.

To get thing going this season we will be holding a Junior Registration Day down at SportsPower, (Target Centre, 114-126 Evans Street, Sunbury) Saturday 27th August between 10-12. This will be a great opportunity for you and your budding test cricketers to meet the coaches, club administration and some of the senior players.

This season we will be supporting teams in under 11, under 12, under 14 and under16 age groups, plus we will be running a Milo IN2Cricket programs for kids between 5 and 10.

Junior Cricket Sub’s (membership fees) will be payable on the day and this season will cost $150 for new players (inc shirt & hat) and $110 for past players and when you pay on the day you’ll recieve a $10 discount.

Milo IN2Cricket will be $70 for the program.

We are looking for coaches and volunteers to help out as best they can on match days so if you’re interested in helping out please contact Jim on 0402 292 371 or David on 0437 432 228.

So come on down and enjoy a sausage sizzle put on by the team at SportsPower.

Oh and feel free to print and pass around at school, footy club, notice boards etc our registration day flyer!

Welcome to season 2011/12

Hello and welcome to the 2011/12 season. We bet you’re sick of football and are just cracking to get in and make the summer a success both on and off the field.

What’s been happening around the club?

The AGM was held 18th of May and it was a poor turnout however a new committee was voted in. It’s the new committee’s position to engage with you, our members and encourage everyone to participate in a successful future for the Sunbury Cricket Club.

The new committee members are a mix of seasoned veterans of the club and a few more recent faces, and believe us when we say we are all very passionate about our club and are working hard for the future.

The committee:

President:                                                    Scott Yardley

Secretary:                                                   David Thomas

Treasurer:                                                   Jim Pearson

Vice President:                                           Dom Douglas

Junior Vice President:                            Adam Kirk

Committee Member:                               Brent McDougall

Committee Member:                               Paddy Tyler

We also welcome Terry Landt as Junior & Family Liaison to assist the committee to engage with the juniors and their families.

A lot has been achieved since the committee has been formed with meetings being held every week except one so we have a lot to report.

  • Amalgamation of the Junior and Senior clubs
  • Setting up of the guest position on the committee filled by Terry
  • Setting out of a mission statement of what the club stands for
  • A new website published and in continual development
  • Amendments to the constitution and Notice of Special Resolution Meeting
  • Sponsorship
  • Subscriptions and fees
  • New coaching structure and positions
  • Dates for training, practice matches and season starts
  • Captains
  • Social Functions & Great Deals
  • How you can help

And this is just the exciting stuff without mentioning all the grunt work, so let’s get started.

Amalgamation of the Junior and Senior Clubs

For far too long both the junior and senior sides of our club have been operating independently, albeit under the one umbrella. This has isolated our juniors from the senior side and didn’t open up solid pathways for the juniors to come and play senior cricket. Additionally this led to doubling up of administrative effort and burdening the work load onto individuals.

Pretty much the first order of business was for the committee to vote on bringing the clubs together and to operate as one.

Some of the benefits will be noticeable pretty much on day one with an invitation for the under 16’s to join the seniors for training, with the longer term benefits of building relationships across all levels of our club. We also expect that this will build the clubs player levels into the future.

This led us straight to the next point;

Setting up of the guest position on the committee

Our next concern was that the amalgamation was a pretty big change and we wanted to ensure that we managed the change successfully and make the juniors and their parents feel welcome in the larger club community.

The committee made the decision to set up a guest position on the committee to ensure that the juniors had fair representation, so we asked Terry Landt if she would be interested joining us as Junior and Family Liaison.

We are grateful to her for accepting and look forward to her contribution throughout the season.

This set us to thinking, what does the club stand for? So we put our heads down and came up with the following.

Sunbury Cricket Club Mission Statement

It is the Sunbury Cricket Club’s mission to foster ongoing respect and success by providing a positive and enjoyable cricket experience for all, while developing players, people and partnerships in the community.

We will achieve this by:

  • Providing an environment that encourages achievement, team spirit and sportsmanship
  • Encouraging active participation in the club at all levels and by any person
  • Assisting players to meet their maximum potential by maintaining pathways and partnerships at all levels
  • Striving to offer the best facilities and coaching available
  • Providing a welcoming and friendly social atmosphere to club members, their families and visitors
  • Maintaining the history of the club by keeping links between the past and current members open
  • Ensuring the future of the club through proper financial and corporate administration
  • Fostering ongoing relationships and building partnerships within the community and with club sponsors

We feel that this sums up the culture and future direction of our club. Since we are doing all this work how are we going to keep everyone up to date? We’re not about to let you down…

New Website

We need to communicate with all of our members and add value to our sponsors. The best way to achieve this is through the web so we had a look at the offerings from My Cricket and Cricket Victoria and simply thought we can do better.

So we have!

What we want to achieve is to have a central point for all the happenings around the club and keep it updated with match reports, news and social functions etc.

Take look at, we encourage you to register your email address and stay current with the all things SCC. While it’s in early stages of development we’re sure you’ll agree it’s a great start.

So once we got these exciting jobs ticked off we thought we had better really get stuck into the nuts and bolts of the club, our constitution.

Amendments to the constitution

While the constitution looks kind of boring there’s some amazing stuff hiding in there on how the club runs, but as with most things over time there is room for improvement.

We need to make some small changes to the constitution to assist us in raising funds for the club so attached is a Notice of Special Resolution to make the required changes.

The proposed changes are to assist us in raising funds for the club through running raffles and the like.


Because the club needs money to survive, lots of money. Did you know it takes nearly $30,000 per season to operate the club?

What are we doing about this startling fact? Let’s find out shall we…


When the committee formed we set ourselves an ambitious sponsorship target – to double our sponsorship.

We are pleased to report that in 6 weeks we had exceeded our target, much to our own surprise.

Our sponsors so far for the 2011/12 season include:

  • Swisse (Major sponsor)
  • Sunbury Football Social Club
  • Sports Power Sunbury (Junior)
  • Toll Auto
  • Gary from the Club Restaurant
  • Sergi
  • AOS
  • Colour Perfect
  • Mr Oaks
  • MLN
  • Andrews Airport Parking
  • Foodworks Sunbury
  • Pro Image Plastering
  • Gill Engineering
  • NPS
  • Active Kids
  • Sunbury Coaches
  • AC Concreting
  • Western Slabs
  • Hickey Concreting
  • RDM
  • Hall Concreting
  • Saw Concreting
  • Covcrete
  • Beacon Constructions
  • Patterson Homes
  • O’Shannasy Meats
  • Bakers Delight Sunbury
  • Automoves Australia

And we haven’t finished there. We do ask that you get behind and support these businesses as best you can.

Now it’s your turn, we need every sponsorship dollar we can muster. We have $100 ball sponsorship deals and your club needs you to approach your boss, local businesses, whoever to try and get sponsorship dollars. For your targets sponsorship dollar they’ll be duly honoured on the clubs website with a link to their business website. So If you have a sponsor lined up call David on 0418 558 070 and he’ll arrange an invoice for you.

Every sponsorship dollar we can get benefits you by keeping the cost of the sub’s down.

But all this sponsorship doesn’t mean you get away from chipping in.


Okay let us get straight to it without any nonsense; if you are not financial you will not be playing this season.

No mucking around, no excuses and no exceptions.

Sounds tough we know, but your club cannot survive without your contribution and it is simply not fair for the people who do pay.

Startling fact #2: despite everyone’s best efforts the club ran at a LOSS last season!

With the ugly stuff out of the way let get to how it’s going to work.

  • Seniors Full Subscription fee – $260.00
    • $40.00 Discount will apply if full fee is paid prior to selection for Round 1
  • Full Time Students subscription fee $170.00
    • $30.00 Discount will apply if full fee is paid prior to selection for Round 1
  • All players must pay a minimum of $100.00 ($70.00 for students) prior to selection for Round 1 and then pay a minimum of $20.00 per round to be considered for selection. Subs are to be paid in full by round 8.
  • Casual players will be on a ‘Pay to Play’ basis at $20.00 per game and must the player purchase a club shirt/s at a price TBC on selection night.
  • If a player is not financial within these guidelines then they will be suspended from playing until financial.
  • Exceptional circumstances may be considered at the discretion of the committee.
  • Players can pay via direct deposit using their My Cricket number as reference

What are you getting for your money?

  • First and foremost, a super cricket club to play at
  • Match balls supplied
  • Updated casual shirt
  • Training balls, we’ll even do our best to supply as many new balls at training as the budget will allow

And now we can get down to actually playing cricket!

Coaching Structure

Unfortunately Chris Shultz and Scott Yardley are not joining us as coaches again this season due to work commitments.  I am sure you’ll join the committee in thanking them for their efforts last year.

Thanks guys!

With that said, the committee felt it best with the season fast approaching to try something different. This year we‘ll not have a head coach, rather we’ll have a team of senior and past players combine as a group to take training. Jason Elliott is returning from England to take up the position a Coaching Coordinator. The overall direction for training will be set by the committee, which Jason will execute for the maximum benefit of the playing group.

The team we have put together is:

            Coaching Coordinator                  Jason Elliott

            Bowling Coach                                Matt Schilling/Craig Gardener

            Fielding Coach                                Jason Inglis

            Batting Coach                                 Mark Leehane/John Marshall

If for whatever reason you are not able to make training you are expected to contact Jason Elliott or one of the committee contacts.

Now for the fun stuff!

Grades, Captains and Pre-Season Training

The club will be fielding 4 teams this season and will be nominating teams in B, C, E and F grades at the GDCA AGM in 2 weeks.

Whatever grades we are allocated, as part of our sponsor arrangements we will be having named teams.

            1st XI will be the Swisse XI captained by Chris Schultz

            2nd XI will be the Sunbury Coaches XI captained by Travis Botton

            3rd XI will be the Andrews Airport Parking XI captained by Dom Douglas

            4th XI will be the Automoves XI captained by Jim Pearson

Please congratulate these guys on their selection as captains and give them your full support on the field.

Pre-season training kicks off on Sunday 7th of August from 9 am to 11 am at the Action Indoor Sports centre. We’ll have a full training time table available on the day but we will be training there for the first few weeks.

Then we have arranged 2 teams to play practice matches against the ‘Camrea Taipans’ in Thomastown on September 25th.

Then the action starts for real on October 8th and our gut feeling is that it’s going to be a cracker as we build on the successes of last season.

Well we are nearly at the end and what better way to finish than with a party.

Social Functions & Great Deals

We had some great times off the field last year and we are committed to keeping it up this season. The sensational effort put in by our Master Chefs will continue and you’ll have your chance to put your culinary skills to the test again.

Round wrap ups will be held at the club after the end of each round. Do your best to be there and support the club.

We are still putting the final touches to the start of our social calendar but here’s the plan so far:

  • Club Night at the end of the 1st full round which will be the 15th of October
  • Shopping tour for the ladies early December
  • Christmas Party last round before Christmas
  • The traditional Dogs Night in February

We have secured a great deal with Gary at the club kitchen and all we need to do is make the most of the kitchen.

Gary has agreed to supply $20 meal vouchers for the ‘Player on the Match’ for each grade, every round and his generosity hasn’t stopped there. On selection nights he is offering a 4 option menu with $14 meals which can be ordered during training so that the meals are ready for selection. Each meal will come with a raffle ticket and if your tickets the lucky one, your next selection night meal is on the house.

We want your suggestions for social functions and we need to include families as much as we can, so put your thinking hats on and get your suggestions into Brent McDougall.

Every suggestion and effort counts.

How can you help?

We’re glad you asked, to start off you can get your subs in as quickly as possible! Then over the season we will be looking for volunteers to help out with various projects. It’s the committee’s role to keep the club running but it everyone’s club so it’s up to you help out around the club. Don’t be afraid to put you hand up; there’s always something to be achieved.

Oh and don’t forget to look for ball sponsors. Every sponsor we get keeps your sub’s cost down!

Like we said there has been a lot happening and if you have stuck around to the end, we appreciate it.

Your committee is working hard for you. We wish you every success on the field this season and it is our sincere wish that you and your family enjoy everything the club has to offer both on and off the field.

Best regards,

The S.C.C. Committee

Introduction to the 2011/12 Junior Cricket Season

Hi everyone

 Yes it is the middle of football season but cricket season is rapidly approaching, with the league (GDCA) Annual General Meeting in July.

 In the off season Sunbury Cricket Club has been very busy and have elected a new committee which has a major focus of rebuilding the cricket club.

 The new committee is:

 President:                                   Scott Yardley

Secretary:                                   David Thomas

Treasurer:                                   Jim Pearson

Senior Vice President:                 Dominic Douglas

Junior Vice President:                  Adam Kirk

Committee Member:                    Brent McDougall

Committee Member:                    Patrick Tyler

One of the main objectives of the committee is for the club to be more inclusive to our juniors and the families of players (both senior and junior).  To this end the committee includes past or present junior coaches Dom Douglas and I as well as Paddy Tyler, who plans to coach juniors this season.  In addition Terry Landt has kindly agreed to attend committee meetings and act as a conduit between junior players/ parents and the committee and to assist with organisation of family friendly activities throughout the season.

The committee recognises that it is through the juniors that the ongoing viability and strength of the club is maintained.

As always we welcome any parent or friend of junior players to take an active part in the club and would appreciate anyone volunteering to assist in a coaching or administration role as the season gets closer.  You do not have to have any experience as we will guide you and assist wherever possible.

Also we are actively seeking sponsorship for the club so if you have a business (or your employer might be interested) we are offering sponsorship packages which include advertising space on our website, letter heads and club shirts as well as many minor sponsorship arrangements.  Sponsorship assists in keeping registration fees to a minimum so if you can help please do.

The club has a new web site at and future notices will be published there. While the site is still in development, I recommend you take a tour of the web site and see where the club is headed.  I hope that you will all be back next season to be a part of it.

If you have any queries, wish to volunteer or would like to discuss sponsorship, please give me a call on 9740 5975 or 0402 292 371.


Jim Pearson

Junior Coordinator

2011/2012 Seniors Pre-season training

Well here we are half way through the football season and I’m here to bug you about… cricket.

We want to invite all past, present and new players to come down and join us for pre-season training which will kick off on Sunday August 7 at 9am. For the first 4 weeks we have booked the indoor cricket centre (Action

Sports, 63 Vineyard Rd Sunbury) nets between 9 & 11 am. After that we’ll be down at our home ground nets for the next couple of week until we get enough light to start our regular Tuesday and Thursday training.

Look forward to seeing every one down there and build towards a successful season.

Over the next couple of weeks the GDCA will advise the clubs the format for the Juniors for this season and we’ll publish training dates and the team structures, so stay tuned.

For more information please email or call David on 0437 432 228.

Cheers from the committee.

Players Wanted

With the season fast approaching we are looking for new players to come down and be a part of the success of the club. With 2 senior teams  in the finals last year the Sunbury Cricket Club is on the improve.

We are welcoming players for all grades both seniors and juniors who are looking to contribute to our proud club both on and off the field. Regardless if you are a future test player or a scocial cricketer there is  a place for you here at the Sunbury Cricket Club.

So keep your eyes open here and around town as we will soon be announcing a date for the upcoming registration day.

Email us for more information.

Welcome to the Sunbury Cricket Club

blue logo


The Sunbury Cricket Club has a long and proud history traceable back to the 1870’s and has been competing in the Gisborne District Cricket Association since the 1923/24 season.

We are a community minded club, fostering the growth of cricket and a healthy lifestyle. Our home is the Clarke Oval arguably the premier cricket ground in the district and we have access to the facilities of the Sunbury Football Social Club restaurant, function room and sports bar. We offer something for cricketers of all ages and the whole family.

With summer fast approaching, we are on the lookout for new players for the 2013/14 season. Our aim is to go one better in our pursuit of the GDCA McIntyre Cup as the previous seasons runners up. We welcome players for all senior grades and any junior players to come down and enjoy the fun of cricket in a positive environment.

For more information <a href=””>email</a> the club.