JLT Sport’s National Club Risk Protection Program

SCC Logo 2015

JLT Sport’s  National Club Risk Protection Program


This is to inform Sunbury Cricket Club players and members of the coverage afforded to them and the club under the Cricket Australia National Club Risk Protection Program.

Each individual is to be aware of their circumstances and their insurance coverage needs. The Cricket Australia National Club Risk Protection Program does not make provision for Private Health Insurance, Life Insurance or other such products. A summary of how much cover is provided under each policy can be viewed on the JLT Cricket Australia website by clicking Summary section of the Home page. Further details are available within the policy wordings of each policy, these are also available on the website.


Clubs have a legal duty of care to ensure a safe environment for players, members, guests and members of the general public. Clubs cannot waive this duty: it exists not only for match day but for all club activities and clubs are required to be knowledgeable of the responsibilities that come with it.

Yours in cricket,

Marty Kelders


Sunbury Cricket Club



m: 0415 910 777

e: sunburycc.vic@gmail.com

w: https://sunburycricketclub.com.au/


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