Trivia night at Sunbury Bowling Club

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Trivia night at Sunbury Bowling Club

Saturday 16th November from 7.30pm

Lets really get behind our first official function at our new home, Sunbury Bowling Club. It’s a great chance to bring our partners and freinds together with our cricketing team mates for a night of trivia and entertainment. There will be prizes for the best (and worst) teams, raffles and games to play.

We welcome parents of our junior players as well, this is a full club function and a major fund raiser for the year so we can continue to improve facilities and provide equipment.

So get on the phone and organise your table of eight (8) players, the more mixed the age group and expertise the better. We want to keep things interesting so there will be a limit of three (3) cricketers per table. My tip is to invite a couple of lawn bowlers, it might cost you a couple of ginger beers but they will help you will get those tricky questions.

So…’s a bit of a test, first entry with all three (3) questions correct to Sunbury Cricket Club email gets a prize of a 1/2 dozen beers/drinks and a selfie with Marty….

  • who won the brownlow in 2006
  • what was the name of the character played by Will Ferrel in Talledega Nights: The ballad of __________
  • what is virga?    a) a star sign  b) rain that evaporates before hiiting the ground  c) a small passenger car


Got a taste for it already, pick up the phone get on FB or tweet till your thumbs hurt and grab seven of your freinds for a fun night out.  If you are a few short of a full table let us know we may be able to join you with others with the same problem.

Tickets are on sale through the club from:

  • Scotty Yardley   0418 564 462
  • Travis Botten     0418 564 462
  • Shayne Lewis     0402 547 002

Tables need to be finalised by the 13th of November…so hurry there is a limit on the number of tables.

Where:          Sunbury Bowling Club, Riddell Road, Sunbury VIC 3429

When:          Saturday, 16th November. 2013   Get there early for a 7.30 start.

Entry:          $10.00  per head (8 players per table)     Drinks and snacks at bar prices 

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