SCC Stand up Comedy Night

What a great night we all had and a great success for our club. In front of an audience of over 90 people the Nelson Twins had all and sundry laughing all the way through while introducing Evan and Pommy Johnson who also had us all in stitches. The club was also able to raise valuable funds to assist running the cricket programs and keeping Junior subs to a minimum. Those that were there will be talking about this for ages. To those who missed out, well I’m sorry but you missed out on an awesome nights entertainment, But don’t despair, this proved to be such a success and enjoyed by all we are already looking toward another comedy night featuring the Nelson Twins and co. for next season. Well done to Brendan Doyle and Justin Nelson for organising the night and Club Sunbury for making the facilities available.

Sunbury Cricket Club

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Comedy night

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