Message from GDCA to all Junior coaches – Heat policy

Hi there all. please forward this email to your junior coaches/team managers.


firstly – with hot weather forecast this saturday, i draw your attention to by-law B9:


B9:         Heat Policy: The GDCA Junior Sub-Committee will adopt the heat policy issued by Cricket Victoria and this policy will be applied to all grades. The GDCA Sub-Committee will publish on the GDCA website by 8pm on the Friday night prior to matches if they are to be cancelled due to forecast adverse weather conditions.


these Cricket Vic guidelines are available



given that we are a morning competition, it is likely that play will still be allowed assuming ,matches are not cancelled – please pay special attention to players’ sun-protection (including hats) and hydration – scheduling frequent short drink breaks.

i would urge all games/Day 1 to be completed by 11.30am at the latest, even if this means starting matches earlier, and even if the 44 over innings is not completed.


For further details contact your SCC Coach or Club Secretary.

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