GDCA Juniors : games proceed tomorrow

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From GDCA:

Hi all,
With the overnight temp predicted to be 20degC, we have decided to proceed with junior matches tomorrow.
please be mindful of the extreme heat guidelines (link below), ensure  there are multiple additional drink breaks (in the shade if possible) with cool liquids, and closely monitor the condition of your players. i am aware many coaches have already conferred and decided to start earlier @ 8.15am or 8.30am.
all matches/day 1 must be completed by 11.30am at the latest (preferably 11am), and please use your common-sense and discretion if an earlier finish is required. if it is a 2 day match – the team batting next week would face the same number of overs as are completed tomorrow.
feel free to contact either me or Peter Kavanagh (GDCA Junior Secretary, 0459 098 664).
Greg Rowles
Junior Coordinator
Gisborne & District Cricket Association
M: 0418170577

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