Forwarded message from GDCA re: extreme heat

To GDCA Club Secretaries,


At present, the projected forecast for this Saturday is for a hot 40 degrees.


The following Rule 10.4A explains the procedure for abandoning matches should this projected forecast hold until Saturday:-


Extreme Heat:  If on the day of scheduled play, the forecast temperature by the Bureau of Meteorology (as at Melbourne Airport) is 38 degrees Celsius or above, the GDCA Executive shall meet/discuss on the morning the merits of playing or abandoning senior matches for the day. Factors such as relative humidity, pollution levels, wind, high fire danger, expected change in weather during the course of the days play and ground conditions shall be taken into account when determining the safety of players, umpires, scorers, officials and spectators. Advice may be sought from third parties in making this decision.


            A decision must be made by 10am and will be conveyed to all participants through the GDCA website at if the decision is to abandon the day’s play. It is the responsibility of            all clubs and umpires to monitor the site before commencement of play. If the decision is to abandon play, this means all matches shall be abandoned.


            If play is abandoned on the first day of a two day match, then the match shall revert to a one day game the following week as per Rule 16.6. If play is abandoned on the second day of a two day match,       providing there has not already been a first innings result, the match shall be declared a draw. The same shall apply for scheduled one day matches.


Please ensure you inform your players of the possibility that this Saturday’s matches may be cancelled due to extreme heat and to monitor the GDCA website on Saturday morning should a decision be made to do so.




Rob McIntyre



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