Senior Cricket Newsletter #2 Season 2013/14

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Senior Cricket Newsletter #2 Season 2013/14, 10th January, 2014

To inform senior members of a few changes around the club as we enter the run towards the finals.

  • Game day at Clarke Oval will be based in the McMahon Pavillion. The change rooms and grand stand will be used again (no tents to set up / pack away!). Afternoon tea will be served in the large room in the Pavillion. All after match drinks will be at the Bowling Club. Please, it’s a team effort to get things set up on game day.
  • Marking out of the Clarke Oval boundary. We need to be more consistent when marking out the boundary lines. A string line will be used to mark out the boundary square of the wicket and the football boundary line will be used straight from the wicket.
  • Selection has been difficult with many unavailable due to the holiday season. Please consider your position in your team and the teams performance when booking holidays. As there is only 5 games to go (4 games for G grade) each game is vital for all teams. We need to strengthen ladder positions as much as we can to ensure the best possible chance coming into finals. This is important for all grades.
  • Same goes for those who haven’t paid their subs, players are missing out on selection this weekend and a possible finals berth because they are unfinancial. So many guys are coming up to us last night asking for leniency. Well guys, it’s disappointing when you have had since September to so. The Committee is working as hard as ever to make improvements for it’s members as we work through the difficult times of the past few years. Our objective has been via the move to the Bowling Club and through Social functions, Sponsorship  etc. is that we could hold a stronger financial position at the end of this season so we can explore reducing subscription levels across the board for next season and making other capital expenditure. We can only do this if we can meet our expenses for this year.  Team effort required please.
  • There has been some really positive news coming from selection this season regarding the debut Mc’s  game for Nathan Marshall and again last night Dylan Landt being presented his “1st XI Royal Blue cap” by Capt / Coach Jason McGann. The future of our 1st XI looks bright with strong showings from Michael and Steven Treweek this season and Jack Landt now being joined by his brother Dylan for this weeks match.
  • To finish off I just want to share a little xmas story. The past few xmases I have been given a Jamie Oliver recipe book, which is great.  His recipes are easy to follow, a little funky and tasty..I like it. The recipe books sit in the kitchen ready to use at any time. You’re thinking what has this got to do with cricket??  A recipe for a tasty meal is a constant, ingredients prepared in a certain way, each time you are guaranteed the same result every time you follow it to the letter. Same in cricket!!! Follow the same principles each time during the season and the same result will occur.

Lets think about a recipe for success for a cricket team.

  • A pre-season training program covering all elements, batting, bowling and fielding.
  • Listening and taking on board tips from the coaches and experienced players.
  • Thinking about where you need to improve your game. Set yourself goals e.g. number of total runs / wickets per season, go up a grade, makes the finals, win a flag!
  • Make a committment, make sacrifices and maybe do a little extra training with your mates or by doing a little extra fitness work.
  • Every now and then help out around the club and on game day by setting up or packing away.
  • Play with a mindset of following team plans, your role in the team or whats required in the situation of the game.
  • Practice regularly, work towards improving your game and be a good team-mate and clubman.
  • Prepare the night before, focus on game day, be positive, be confident and play to win!
  • Enjoy being around the club, go to club functions, go to country week with a few mates and most of all enjoy your self, have a laugh.

Do I need to go on?

I learned the recipe for success from former leaders of our club including my first A Grade Captain Max Harding(1981),  Richard Lee and  Neil White. The current leaders of our club have all tasted success and know the recipe for success. Jason, Brad and John Marshall have all played in many premiership winning teams, are all familiar with the recipe for success and of what success tastes like.

If you want to taste success yourself all you have to do is follow the recipe, it’s up to you.

Yours in cricket,

Marty Kelders

SCC Secretary

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