SFC use of Clarke Oval agreement

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 Sunbury Football Club preseason training agreement

Hume City Council requires an application process involving an agreement with Sunbury Cricket Club for other clubs or groups wishing to use the Clarke Oval during cricket season.

Please be aware that we have been in correspondence with the Sunbury Football Club (SFC) regarding their preseason program and the use of Clarke Oval.

If you are interested, the full dialogue is available upon request however in short:

  • SCC recognise there have been issues in the past with footballers encroaching on Milo areas.
  • SCC have made an agreement for season 2013/14 with SFC containing very specific terms as to ensure the safety of our Milo kids.
  • Brian O”Loughlan on behalf of SFC understands our concerns and is willing to work together with SCC Committee
  • Please report any issues as per SCC Code of Conduct procedure so we can take official action if required.

This agreement is between SFC and SCC only, not any other sporting group/club/organisation e.g. not Super Rules, not Womens football, not Netball, not Sunb Junior Football etc.:

 Sunbury Cricket Club (SCC) agree that Sunbury Football Club (SFC) have access to the Clarke Oval during GDCA season 2013/14:

  • Monday afternoon  anytime
  • Wednesdays from 7.00pm* (Milo finishes at 6.30pm)

on the following dates

  • Before Christmas up to Wednesday 11th December  2013
  • After Christmas from Feb 3rd until March 31st  2014

*Provided that SFC footballers do not start any form of activity involving footballs or other training or practice activities while SCC Junior / Milo groups are in use of the Clarke Oval

There has been a strong connection between our two great clubs for more than a century. We both call home the premium sporting oval in the district, the Clarke Oval.

Through better communication and cooperation from both clubs we will be able to work together so SFC can have a full pre season on their home ground and we can enjoy a safe environment for our Junior and Milo kids.

Yours in cricket,

Marty Kelders

SCC Secretary

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