Important announcement to all members


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 Important announcement to all members

A new era for the Sunbury Cricket Club as it enters into a partnership with Sunbury Bowling Club


The Sunbury Cricket Club (SCC) is very pleased to announce it will be based at the Sunbury Bowling Club (SBC) as of season 2013/14. Over the past few months negotiations between the two clubs has resulted in a new 5 year agreement. There were several discussions between the executives of the two bodies with many points discussed including patronage and support, the logistics of game day at the Clarke Oval and the use of storage and facilities. SCC recognises as part of this agreement that it has the responsibility to promote the SBC through its membership by hosting major functions at SBC’s impressive facilities.

It was voted unanimously by the full Committee of Sunbury Cricket Club to take up the offer presented. This is one of the biggest decisions of our Committee in many years and was researched in detail and debated at length. This decision is based on securing the long term future of our club, the growth and progression of cricket at our club and the growth of cricket in Sunbury as a whole. In return we will endeavour to promote the Sunbury Bowling Club and its facilities as best we can.

SCC has called the Clarke Oval home since the ground was first opened for use in 1952. Nothing has changed SCC’s use of the Clarke Oval and the McMahon Pavilion. We believe the Clarke Oval is the premier cricket ground in the district and SCC intend to call it home for the next 61 years and beyond.

Over the years we have had many good times at SFSC and we have a lot to be thankful for during this partnership. It has been the venue for our after match entertainment, presentation nights and official functions for over thirty years. There has always been a strong connection between the two groups as many SCC past players and life members have also been Directors of SFSC including, Stuart Davies, John Arthur, Ray Lethlean and Foundation Director, Bill Morrison.

The Sunbury Football Social Club (SFSC) was established in 1980 to help support and provide funds for the Sunbury Football Club. Realizing things were pretty quiet in the summer months, SCC were approached and having come to an agreement, had the use of their facilities in return for financial support. We believe this long term relationship was of mutual benefit and we are thankful for the years of support. In the best interests of the club and its members it is now time to embrace a new relationship.

There has always been a strong connection between the Sunbury Football and Cricket clubs. Through history the names of great local sportsman have shared premiership success at both clubs and many have served as coaches, players and administrators. Neil White, Phil Squires, Bill Morrison, John Arthur, Barry Palmer, Richard Lee and the list continues. Currently both clubs have several members on their lists enjoying both sports and there is no reason why this shouldn’t continue. Testimony to this relationship was the support Phil Sewell received when the two clubs combined recently hosting a fund raising Golf day.

SCC Members are asked to support this venture as we embark on a new era for our club. We thank you for your patience as we move into our new home and expect our members to embrace this move as a move in the right direction for the long term benefit of the Sunbury Cricket Club.

Please direct any questions to your SCC Committee.

Yours in cricket,

Marty Kelders

SCC Secretary

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