Sunbury CC – Good For Cricket Raffle

Calling all Sunbury CC – Roar members, family and friends.

Unfortunately we have fallen short in a number of govt. grant applications so even more than ever we need your help.

We are in the final weeks of this raffle draw so please get out there and sell tickets to your neighbours, work colleagues or even strangers in the street, this is our big raffle for the season and remember ALL PROCEEDS GO TO THE CLUB.

And don’t forget some great prizes are on offer.

One thought on “Sunbury CC – Good For Cricket Raffle”

  1. Reblogged this on Sunbury Cricket Club and commented:

    This is your last chance to get a ticket to win one of three Toyota cars or other great prizes on offer, ticket sales close at midnight tonight. We are short of our short term goal of $2K which will help us with the purchase of additional equipment to keep us all safe such as sanitiser and extra training balls needed under C-19 safe protocols. So please dig deep and buy an extra ticket even if it is just $5 and you could be the owner of a great car before you know it!

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