SCC Annual General Meeting 2019/20

Notice of Annual General Meeting 2019/20

Please take note that the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Sunbury Cricket Club will be held on Wednesday 29thof May commencing at 7.30 pm. in the McMahon Pavilion (upstairs rooms), Sunbury Recreation Reserve, Riddell Rd. Sunbury.


  1. Opening of Meeting.
  2. Apologies.
  3. Confirmation of Minutes of  AGM held on the 24thof May, 2018.
  4. Receipt of Reports:

(a) President’s Report.

(b) Secretary’s Report.

(c) Treasurer’s Report.

(d) Coach’s Report.

5. Election of Committee of Management.

(a)        President;

(b)        Secretary & Public Officer;

(c)        Treasurer;

(d)        Senior Vice-President;

(e)        Junior Vice President;

(f)         Election of Ordinary Committee.

  1. By-laws amendments for season 2019/20

(b) Please notify the Secretary of any By-law amendments prior to the nomination date for purposes of correct wording, editing and to seek clarification. Proposed amendments or additions to By-laws must be voted in by majority to be accepted.

(a) Subscriptions for season 2019/20 will be determined by the incoming committee at a later date.


A nomination form for any committee position is to be downloaded by clicking this link 2019/20 Nomination form.  All nominations are required to be lodged no later than 7.00pm Monday, 27th May 2019.

All members are urged to attend the meeting to ensure a successful beginning to the season.

Marty Kelders


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