11 thoughts on “Junior training update 2015”

  1. hi there – can you tell me when it all starts? I’ve got one in U12, one in U11 and one in Milo. Thanks!!! Natalie Eldridge

  2. thanks, but website link takes me back to this page which doesn’t have start dates? If I look at the fixture list, it says round 1 for U12 is 17 October (sat) but doesn’t say when training starts? If training starts the week earlier then that’s next Wed, 14/10?
    Round 1 for U11 says 6 November and if I remember right they don’t have training, just the one day per week… Milo cricket not on the fixture but, again, I’m guessing it may start same day as U11s? If you could confirm start dates I’d really appreciate it. Cheers. Natalie.

    1. Hi Natalie, the website was updated recently. Looks like you have found the link for the GDCA fixture. Junior training has commenced, all at Clarke Oval. Milo In2Cricket is a program in itself and does not include training or fixturing, it is not competition based.
      U16 – Tuesdays and Thursdays 5pm
      U14 & U12 – Wednesdays 4.30pm
      U11 – Fridays from 9th Sept. 5 pm
      Milo In2 cricket – Fridays from 23rd Oct. 5pm
      This is the link from the Juniors/Junior training page on our website: https://sunburycc.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/jnr-training-update-7-10.png
      I hope this helps, please let me know if you need more information. Cheers Marty SCC Secretary.

  3. Hi just checking what time milo cricket is? Was previously told 5.30pm, but below says 5pm. Please confirm. Thanks, Shelley Burbridge

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    1. Hi Shelley, thanks for your feedback, startring time for Milo In2Cricket is confirmed as 5.30pm, website has been updated. Thank you, Marty SCC Secretary.

      1. why is milo now starting at 5.30? that means for those with U11 kids the milo cricket kid gets to hang around for half an hour doing nothing and then the U11 kid has to hang around after for half an hour, so two hours in total instead of one for parents now? that’s crazy. sorry.

      2. Thank you for your feedback Natalie. I will pass on your comments to our coaches / volunteers. These starting times reflect the availability of our volunteers and sometimes we can’t always coordinate things as we would like. We appreciate your continued support, yours in cricket, Marty SCC Secretary.

      3. thanks Marty but apparently the U11s are going until 6.30pm anyway, so my milo dude will just have to cope. there were heaps of kids and parents tonight, looks like cricket is pretty popular here in Sunbury!!!! and the chap running the Milo cricket is doing a great job and has a lot of organising so I feel for him 🙂 he’s great with the kids. thks, Nat.

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