VTCA Finals – Cancelled

Good afternoon all,

It is with very mixed emotions I come to you with the following information. The VTCA have finalized their decision on the results of the grand finals that were cancelled this week. Under law E141.7 which then moves into law E141.8, if no first innings result is reached the game is deemed a draw. Where the match is deemed a draw, the team ranked higher leading into finals is declared the winner.

Based on this information, unfortunately our 1st eleven have will be deemed runners up.

But from this point we need to celebrate the fantastic achievement of our 2nd Eleven crowned Premiers for season 2019/20.


Congratulations to Samuel Fisher and all team members for a fantastic season and well deserved win.

As I stated at the top, we will all have mixed emotions. But let’s stick tight, and celebrate our 2nds victory. The club will advise in coming days some celebration plans.

Love ya all,

Brendan Doyle


We are Sunbury, hear the mighty Roar !

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