SCC change of President

Important announcement to all members

The Sunbury Cricket Club Committee announce to it’s members that Brendan Doyle was appointed President at last nights Committee meeting.  The role was vacated due to the outgoing President Matt Ward and his family relocating to Cairns in Northern Queensland.

The Sunbury Cricket Club Committee and its members recognise the enormous contribution Matt has made to our club in recent years. Matt  had been a SCC player / Captain for many years and Secretary in 2010. He returned to the club as a Milo In2Cricket coordinator in 2014 and from there moved onto Junior Coordinator, Treasurer and this season as President. During this time the club has seen many changes and also some challenges. Matt has been the backbone of the Junior program and took on other important tasks such as negotiating the return of the club to partner with Sunbury Social Club.

Personally I would like to thank Matt, we worked very hard together and at all times kept our sense of humour, often with a heavy workload juggling work and family life but at the end of the day everything was done in the best interest for the club and it’s members moving forward.

Thank you Matt.

Brendan Doyle is welcomed back with open arms by the SCC Committee this time as President. He brings strong leadership, a wealth of experience and motivation to the group . Brendan, a fine cricketer in his day, is best known in recent years as an enthusiastic parent, popular Junior coach,  Committee member and Junior coordinator.

Brendan had taken a step back from the club this season due to  work commitments however is now able  to join us again.  Brendan will make an excellent President and we all look forward to seeing him more around the club.

Please join me in congratulating Brendan on his appointment.


Marty Kelders

Secretary SCC

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