SCC enters into a sponsorship arrangement with Sunbury Social Club




Important announcement to all members

Sunbury Cricket Club enters into a sponsorship arrangement with Sunbury Social Club

The Sunbury Cricket Club (SCC) is very pleased to announce it has entered into a 2-year sponsorship arrangement with Sunbury Social Club (SSC) as of season 2017/18. Over the past few months SCC Committee had received tenders from both Club Sunbury and SSC. The decision was not taken lightly as we recognise the impact this decision has on its members and recognises the support Club Sunbury had given our club since 2013. However, after heavy scrutiny of both offers SCC Committee voted unanimously to a new 2-year agreement with SSC.

We ask all members to get behind Sunbury Social Club in light of this new sponsorship which includes but is not limited to: a more flexible arrangement with regard to selection night meals, after game use of SSC bar and club facilities, cooperation with apparel supply and opportunities for fund raising.

The SCC Committee on behalf of its members would like to convey sincere gratitude to Club Sunbury for all the support these past 5 years. The effort and cooperation from SBC Management is recognised with much appreciation and we wish kind regards to all of the Club Sunbury staff.

SCC are looking forward a great season of cricket as we build on previous seasons on field successes with new coach Dylan Wright with the backing of our new major sponsor Sunbury Social Club.

SCC Committee

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