Junior coaching / manager opportunities

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 Junior coaching and team manager opportunities


It would be ideal to have all Junior coaching and managing positions filled so we can make the announcements on Registration Day in the first week of September so please contact the club if you are able to assist.

There is a great deal of enjoyment being involved in the club that your child is participating in. Either as a coach of a team or as a team manager our club really require the assistance.

Training for all Junior teams will be supervised by the senior coaching panel so we are in a great position to provide tuition and skill development.

Junior coaches are very important roles within our club, we are looking for those who have an interest in cricket development and coordination  on game day.

Without volunteers these programs are not possible so even if you have little experience we can provide assistance, there is always a role for those at any level. Scorers and team managers are also valuable to the team, many hands make light work.

We are looking to again run U16’s, U14’s, U12’s, U11’s and the Milo program. There may be a need to run a second U14 team so please we need the extra help as well.

If you are an interested parent and see yourself in a coaching role or simply would like to contribute we would love to hear from you.

Milo cricket is one coordination position open, without your help it may not be possible to run this program, it is a team effort to run the Milo program. We are also seeking an administrator a please get in contact with the club so we can make 2016/17 even bigger and better.


McMahon Sports Pavilion Redevelopment

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We are Sunbury, we wear the Royal Blue cap !

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Good Sports

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