Milo In2Cricket update

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MiloIn2Cricket update

Hi Everyone,

Just a few things:
1. Just letting you know that Cricket Victoria have stuffed up the orders for the kids packs, for some reason I received our centre equipment that I ordered on Tuesday but they haven’t sent out any of the packs that I ordered last Friday. So unfortunatly Coreys bag, along with about 10 others, wont be there. They have apologised and they were sorting it out first thing this morning.

2. The BBQ will be running again for the parents and for the players, the Cost is $2 for a Snag and $2 for a Drink.

3. There has been some confusion about the start time, we would like to apologise for that, but as of next week the U11’s start at 5.30PM so start times will align up nicely.

4. There maybe opportunities for the returning players to play a game in the U11’S, if your child might be interested please let me know as we are currently about 3 players short from having 2 Under 11’s teams.

5. New registrations are now closed. Thanks for the response but our numbers are nearly at 60 kids, which is fantastic however we can only cater for so many and the program is already well underway.

See you all tonight, and be prepared for the tap on the shoulder for a hand with the activities tonight.

Matt Ward

SCC Milo In2Cricket Coordinator

We are Sunbury, we wear the Royal Blue cap !

Good Sports
Good Sports

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